Mariner Jack beard balm


Having seen Mariner Jack pop up a lot on social media, I was intrigued by their logo and by the growing number of happy customers they seemed to be getting. I’d not tried a beard balm before and normally use oils to condition my beard, but always having trouble with stray hairs that seemed to stick out and hearing that balms help with that as they’re thicker than the oils. I held off a bit because of the price, although £12.95 isn’t that much the pot it was in didn’t look that big. I didn’t think it would last 5 minutes even though my beard isn’t that big yet and like I said I normally used oil which goes a long way when used sparingly. Anyway I decided to give it a try to see what the fuss was about.
Delivery was fairly quick, it only took a couple of days after ordering before I got the knock at the door from the postman. It was well packaged and came with a nice handwritten note, the personal touch adds a lot. It let’s you know that your custom is appreciated and it makes you think this product hasn’t just fallen off the end of a production line and a percentage of profits from sales to charity.


I went with the Navigator scent which is spearmint, sweet orange and lime, it sounded just up my street. Mariner Jack also offer Anchor – frankincense, black pepper and Ylang, Cargo – Sandalwood and bergamot, Spice trade – cinnamon leaf and sweet orange and finally Plain sailing which is unscented. They offer all these scents in both oil and balms depending on which you’d prefer.

On opening my jar of Navigator I wasn’t disappointed as the spearmint scent came through. It was subtle but was still strong enough. Directions for using the balm come printed on the side telling you to scrape out the desired amount, obviously different amounts depending on how big a beard you have. Then warm in your palms and work into a clean damp beard, now comb through to distribute evenly. I did as instructed which was easy enough, If you’re like me you don’t really need telling twice to run your hands in your beard. The scent is noticeable right away and you could still smell it some time later so was very pleased by that but that’s not the best thing about this balm….

I’ve used a few different oils from expensive to homemade and none of them made my beard feel as soft as Mariner Jack beard balm. It didn’t feel greasy or wet but it did feel like a cloud of soft hair, it was left feeling softer than its even been and it seemed to make my beard feel fuller. It was a feeling that lasted throughout the day too, it stayed feeling soft and it didn’t take much of the balm to do this. So my worries that this small jar wouldn’t last long are gone because I’m sure it will last long enough.

Summing up,the balm makes your beard feel and smell fantastic, lasts all day, you also get plenty for your money and it has a cool looking logo so I’d be more than willing to part with my hard-earned cash to buy Mariner Jack beard balm again in the future.

If you’d like to try Mariner Jack products visit their website here.


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