Brotherhood of Beards

I know this sounds a bit like a gimmick or cliché but having a beard does make you feel like you’re part of a brotherhood.  I’m not saying that all bearded men get along but we do seem to look out for each other, almost like younger brothers.  Whether it’s promoting small businesses, wishing each other luck for various ventures and competitions or tips on how to maintain their beard they seem to be there for each other.

It doesn’t stop at men either, wives, girlfriend’s and women that have a love of beards and the men they grow on are also in the mix too. Some making beard care products, some making apparel declaring a love of beards and the men that adorn them.  Don’t get me wrong though not all these people are in it to gain something, there seems to be a genuine love for beards and I can’t fully explain why, but it’s there.  There are beard clubs all over the world so people can gather and share their experiences and chat. There are even dedicated groups just for women who love beards and  there is a name in the urban dictionary for people that find men with beards more attractive than shaven men, the word is “pogonophile” and most are proud to be called one too. Are these women attracted to beaded men because they feel that we look more like hunter gathers or like we can be better providers.


So maybe it is a primal thing, hairy men standing together and helping each other.  We may in the back of our minds think that it makes us look stronger and more capable than a shaven man. But It’s not just about the beard though it’s about the person behind it too.

Don’t grow a beard just to fit in with the hipsters at your local coffee shop, grow one for the comradery, for the fellowship, grow one to be welcomed into the brotherhood.


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