Big Bear Beard Balm


This week I’ve been using both balm and oil from Big Bear Beard Balm, they’re a fairly new family business run by brothers in law (Craig & Terry). They only produce their range in one fragrance for now, but I have it on good authority that another is in the making. Some people might be put off by not having a choice of fragrances but you shouldn’t be, it seems to me that the reason for having just one fragrance is a really good one –  the brothers seem to have taken their time to get the introductory product just right. They’ve done their homework to make sure that what they produce is spot on.  There seems no point rushing out 4 or 5 different scents for them to be just average when you’d be better off getting them perfect one at a time.

The oil and the balm have the same fragrance, it’s a soft woody scent with hints of lavender and lime coming through.  Don’t be misled into thinking that the lavender won’t be manly enough for you. It’s not over powering but does leave your beard smelling fresh for some time.  Making a beard smell nice isn’t everything though and will only take a beard product so far, it has to produce by taking care of it as well as taking care of the skin beneath your beard. These products do that, after using them for a week or so, oil in the morning then balm later on, my beard was left feeling much softer and thicker as well as helping to tame stray hairs.


This might only be a ‘small’ business for now but I think this is what will help them in the long run, they make their oil and balm in small batches to ensure freshness and you can tell because the product you receive is top notch, but they do say that they are also able to provide bigger orders for wholesale outlets such as barber shops.  If they can keep up the same mind set of not rushing out new products I think things will go really well for them.  It’s refreshing to see someone not trying to get out as many products as possible just to turn a profit. They’re taking their time and I believe that they will see it pay off in time.

Their current price at time of writing is £10 for a 30ml bottle of oil and £10 for 60lm tin of balm or you can buy both for £17.50 which I think is a bit of a bargain. If you would like to have a look at their site here’s a link here


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