Billy T shirt by Acid Injection


I normally do reviews of Beard care products but I felt I had to do a bit of a write up of this T shirt because of the good looking fella (Billy) on the front.  He earned his spot on my blog due to not only sporting a fine looking beard and awesome moustache, but his haircut looks like it was done in one of the great retro themed barbers that are popping up in most city centres.

I don’t normally get excited about clothes but I really can’t wait for this to go on sale, not only for the t shirt but it comes with a free print of Billy that is a nice little added extra. The print alone has a selling price of £9.99 and will look fantastic in a simple frame at home.  The t shirt is priced at £24.99 which, for a great looking T shirt is a good price and to get the print with it for free is brilliant. There are a limited amount of the prints available to buy now but the T shirts aren’t ready just yet, well you don’t want it rushing do you? It will be available in two colours, black and white, I think they both look great.

Black billywhite billy

I love this design so much I plan to make it my next tattoo, It will make a very stylish addition to my ever growing tattoo collection.


The Billy design has been created by a company called Acid Injection that was formed in Leeds in 2014. On their site they admit to an obsession with beards and ink which is evident in this design.  I’m not easily impressed with clothes usually but I fell for this shirt and I’m really looking forward to it’s release, While you’re waiting for this t shirt to become available, take a look at their website because there are some other great deigns to choose from.

If you want to take a look at their site is here


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