Gruff Beard

gruff beard

Lately I’ve been using products from Gruff Beard, a fairly new company coming out of Cardiff in Wales.  Run by a lovely couple, Adam and Nic (Adam is the bearded one) their aim is to offer high end products at low prices and I think that they’re definitely heading in the right direction.

I used an oil and a balm from their new blend Bergamot and Patchouli Citrus fresh and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a sweet citrus smelling product which is not overpowering so is great for everyday wear. The oil makes use of good carrier oils including sweet almond, Jojoba, Argan and vitamin E so is great for your skin and beard, you won’t need to use a lot as a little really does go a long way.


The biggest surprise though came in a small package, the beard balm, same scent but this balm really did help tame my beard.  I’ve used a few different balms now but this one tamed my stray hairs more than the others. It was like a beard pomade, a bit stiffer then some but I suppose that’s what helped to keep it tamed for most of the day.  My only criticism would be that the pot is a bit too small for my fingers to get into properly. Great for the price but I think people would be willing to buy a larger pot of a really great balm like this. The small tin that I’ve been using is 15ml, they do offer a 20ml pot but I’m not sure that would be big enough either.  At only £6.49 for 15ml and £7.99 for 20ml I think that it is a good price for a balm that does reign in those strays. I have it on good authority that Gruff Bread will be bringing this fantastic balm to us in a 60ml size so my fat fingers problem will be gone.

The oils are priced competitively at £6.99 for 10ml but £11.99 for the 30ml size is a great deal, in my opinion. They sell a set on their site that includes; 30ml of oil, 20ml of balm and a bar of exfoliating soap for the fantastic price of £19.99. I don’t think I’ve seen a better priced set that covers almost all you need to care for your beard and skin.

They have a verity of blends in both oils and balms to suit most tastes so there’s something there to keep most beards happy. If you’d like to give them a try visit their website here



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