El Chupacabra Beard Oil


This is a new fragrance from the boys over at Big Bear Beard Balm, in the first review that I did for them I told you how they take their time to make sure the blend is right before launching a new fragrance, they’ve taken the same care and done exactly that with this one.  You can’t simply stumble into getting the right mix of carrier oils to get a product which has a good consistency and the quality that this oil offers, you need to work at it which takes time, they have took their time and have come up with a great oil yet again. It covers well and easily over your beard, it feels good too my beard was left feeling well conditioned and noticeably softer.

They have got the scent right too, this one is a fresh zesty blend with hits of cedar and again is strong enough to keep your beard smelling good for some time after applying.  I enjoy scents like this especially first thing in the morning as I think it gives you a good start to the day.

One of the things I like about the lads over at Big Bear Beard Balm is that right from the very start the one thing they asked for from my reviews was for me to be honest because they wanted real feedback.  I give my honest opinion in all my reviews but these lads made a point of asking for it.  Luckily they have produced the goods on all their products so far and are making quality beard oils and balms at good competitive prices.  They are helping turn boys into men one beard at a time.

If you’d like to try this or they’re other products visit their web site HERE


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