About me

Maybe I should tell you a little about me. My name is Alan and I’ll be 34 this June (feel free to send me a card), I worked in security for too many years to remember. Now I’m hoping to get my maths and English up to standard and then go to university to study  prosthetics and orthotics. Maybe a bit boring to most but I needed a change and I like helping people. I’ve been married to my wonderful and very patient wife for 10 ish years ( I can never remember) we have 2 children together Alexandra who is 11 (wishes she could grow a moustache) Alfie (thinks my beard is awesome)  is 6 and a menace. I have 2 step children too Nathan is 25 and Victoria is 21, Victoria has a son that is 2 and a girl on the way. So yes I’m a grandad at 33, it’s so very wrong. We also have a cat called oreo who can once in a while be as sweet as his biscuit name sake. I like tattoos and have a few myself and enjoy going to the gym when and if I can drag myself there. I did tough mudder last year and plan on doing it again this year. I think that’s more than enough about me so will leave it there for now.



  1. Hey Alan,
    If you would be interested in being featured as a beard of the day with a link to your blog I’d be happy to do it. I like supporting new bloggers as I was supported by several when I started not too long ago. If interested go over to fearsome beard and click the “fearsome sells San diego” link. Click on the contact button and you’ll get linked into my e mail, send me an ok with a pic of yourself you would like me to post and I’ll feature you, your beard and link your blog.

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  2. Hey,
    What a fantastic blog you’ve got here. I’ve really enjoyed reading through it. My blogs a little different but you might enjoy some of the recipes on the Hairy Grill page or you might just enjoy reading through the rest of the blog. Please have a read through. And if you are ever interested in working with a new Bearded Blogger I’d love to collab or do some feature articles.
    The Bearded Blogger


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